I'm Back!

Added extra maps!

  • New Maps

Sorry about the long wait, i've done a number of things since the last update in real life and have only just had chance to sit back down and give this a go, keep me informed of bugs and issues!


The New images!

  • New Icons
  • New Maps
  • Eraser Tool
  • View mode (no login)

the new images for icons and maps have been uploaded (also fixed a caching issue) so you may have to hard refresh to get them! The eraser tool will let you delete lines and icons and view mode happens if you share the link with a none logged in person.


Dilligent updating and testing has resulted in a new feature!

  • Multiple Map Creation and deletion!

Now you can create new maps and delete them, thus being able to store multiple maps!

Welcome to the Foxhole Interactive Tactical Map Site

Here you can create shareable tactical maps to help your fellow coaltion members win the war!

Remeber to login first!

Currently you can make one map (clear and reuse it as many times as you like) and share it with only logged in members, but remember to be careful who you share your map links with as anyone who knows your map id will be able to see what your plans are!